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Thread: Tersa Carbide Knives

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    given the price of the blanks, i don't think it's worth the risk. the carbides definitely have a different geometry than the M+, and obviously change when sharpened. i do have to adjust the outfeed table when i install new, or sharpened, carbides.

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    Good to know. I get about 500-700 hardwood board ft through each side of my M42 Tersa and in my world that runs a couple of years. Dave

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Zaret View Post
    dave, i couldn't use HSS - the diameters didn't work out. i bought some blanks from unimerco, they were cheap.

    if i recall, i paid ~$125 to sharpen four 530mm knives. i'll look at my email to find the old invoice and correct this post if i'm way off.

    EDIT - the 530mm blind knives were $51 for two. sharpening the carbides was ~$42 per knife, 530mm, $167 for the set of 4.
    Dave, thanks..

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    Joe, 2 knives should give less feed pressure.
    Since I run Terminus, I have made my own blanks for the 2 opposing slots in my 4 knife heads by just taking a dull set of the steel knives and kissing back the cutting edge on the edge sander. That may not be possible with the smaller Tersa style knife.
    I have also found a good use for the old Terminus knife stock. I groove out some hardwood and glue it around the blade and make various shaped marking knives and flat chisels for hand work.

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    Peter, I seem to remember when I first got the jointer it had 4 and was easier. Maybe I’m just getting old and weak...

    Here is a picture of a carbide Tersa and a dummy. The dummy knives are inexpensive.
    and a Rali scraper that takes Tersa knives. A while back I saw a Utube of a woodworker sharpening his HSS Tersa knives. I’ve kept all the old ones and may try that sometime just for kicks.


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    Quote Originally Posted by David Kumm View Post
    For those who run 2 knives, do you need to order dummy knives or can you use dull old HSS tersa in two slots? Is the profile of the edge the same so you can run two types together? Dave

    Thats what I did Dave until I had dull carbides. I usually only change out one knife at a time, but I don't wait until they are horrible. As far as different heights, no they are not. Carbide or HSS, a piece of wood comes out the exact same thickness with either knife new, so there can be no difference. I have about 10 sets of carbide I need to send in.
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