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Thread: delta 22-580

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    delta 22-580

    I noticed yessterday when running some boards through planerthat it is cutting a little deeper in the beginning and at the end of the cut??
    i checked the bottom of the board against jointer table and it IS dead flat. ran it through again and same thing, cuts convex along the length.
    I'm wondering if this is a feed roller problem? or just the errant board.
    I'm stumped, anyone have ideas?


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    Thatís called snipe. Do a little searching about it on your specific planer and you might find some adjustments, like adjusting your in/out feed tables or adjusting the pressure of the rollers.

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    Blades are worn in the middle so they cut shallow resulting in the convex cut down the length of the board. Time to get the knives sharpened.
    Bill D.

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    Hold up pressure on the tail end of the board as it goes in, and the same on the other end, as it comes out. Something is probably also worn, or out of adjustment too.

    I have the very first model of that planer, and it had a terrible reputation for snipe, but the board handling prevented it. Sounds like something else is going on too, though. The little magnetic blade holders, specifically for that planer, work great for changing the blades.

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    I have one. Tom has it right, to minimize snipe lift up on the board a bit while starting your infeed and again as it exits. And if you can continuously feed boards in that works too. As a side note I had some nicks in my blades, and already having been reversed and slid side to side I decided to sharpen them rather than buy new ones. I have one of these knife blade holders. Started on my 6" x 48" belt sander with an old 100 grit belt to remove the nicks than went to my scary sharp granite plate with 220, 400 and 600 grit paper to finish them off. Just like new. Did the same to remove some really big nicks on my 6" jointer blades too. Two sharpenings of each saved the cost of the jig.
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    Eric - I am not sure that snipe is what you are describing. For me on my Delta snipe is seen as a few wavy cross divots at the beginning and end of boards and is a non-issue if I feed boards back to back through the planer except for the first and last board of course. Lifting the board as it first enters helps alleviate this.
    Your description makes it sound like the bed of the planer is shifting as compared to the feed tables. A way around this would be to make an MDF or plywood long table that fits through the planer held in place by a cleat on the bottom at front and back. This would give a flat surface all the way through as you run boards through.

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