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Thread: CA Technologies air assist airless sprayer (questions)

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    CA Technologies air assist airless sprayer (questions)

    I am looking to purchase an air assist airless sprayer for my shop and was wondering what you guys think about the CA Technology OB14-W5-B14? It is the only new unit that is in my price range. It comes with just the pump and no gun or hoses. Fortunately I already have the 1/8Ē hoses and a CA Tech Bobcat aaa HVLP gun so it looks like I will be in this for around $1,400 which isnít bad for a brand new pump with a warrantee.

    I will be using this unit to spray mostly Sherwin Williams line of water based lacquers aka their Kem Aqua line with both the surfacer and the water based tinted lacquer top coat. Yes I know that technically there is no such thing as water based lacquer but that is what they call it so that is what I will refer to it as.

    I know that the water based Kem Aqua line is a somewhat heavy solids finish so I was wondering if this CA Tech pump would be ok to spray this stuff with? Itís a 14:1 pump. For now this is the only thing that I will be spraying with this pump.

    Do you guys think this 14:1 pump will spray this stuff good? I donít want to have to thin it if I can help it.

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    Looks like this guy can answer any questions:

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