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Thread: Scroll saws??

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    Scroll saws??

    Morning everyone,
    Ive recently been doing more stringing and inlays, fans etc.
    I think id like to make some inlays which are veneers, stack cut on the scroll saw.
    I think theyre called pataraes?
    any suggestions on scroll saws? I have no experience with them. not much of a budget right now, really kicking tires.
    usually only like buying tools once, crying once but again I dont think ill be doing
    fretwork and all that.


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    Don't make the mistake of buying "old Iron" when it comes to buying a scroll saw. The old scroll saws used a spring to pull the blade up, and the mechanical drive to pull the blade down. If the blade binds the spring fails to pull it up, and the mechanical grip on the bottom of the blade pushes up anyway, buckling and breaking the blades. The newer version of scroll saws uses mechanical arms that both pull the blade up as well as down, so there is much less blade breakage. You can run much finer blades, and with no pins in the blade ends with these saws, leading to the ability to do much smaller work with greater detail. The DeWalt 788 saw, or one made like it like the Delta that looks almost identical would likely be the cheapest of this new version of scroll saws. I have both a Delta Q3 and a DeWalt 788 scroll saw. Both of these saws will let me use blades down into the 1/0 and 2/0 sizes, but are powerful enough to use any size pin less blades in them. My blades usually get too dull to use and need replacing long before I break them.

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