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Thread: Unique Festool failure

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    Unique Festool failure

    I asked SWMBO to help me vacuum up after some work. I'm not sure how she managed this, but through some mis-application of force, she vigorously pushed my Festool floor nozzle around the concrete garage floor with the roller wheel firmly not rolling. I guess if you don't know how much resistance to expect, you may not notice that it's way too much.

    So now I'm ka-thunk-ka-thunk-ka-thunking around. Er...not "round"...
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    Ouch. I wouldn't have expected that roller to wear so rapidly. If you have a lathe, maybe turn a replacement out of metal? Being a wear part I would bet Festool Ekat has a replacement listed online. It looks like the shopping carts my wife usually manages to get and I get to hear that klunk, klunk through out the store.

    I can't quite tell from the pic, but it looks like possibly a wheel release clip on the side? Good luck with the fix.
    Dick Mahany.

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    Holy cow, Dick - you have good eyes. That is a lever, and it lifts and the wheel comes right out! I hadn't noticed that!

    Now to find a replacement...


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    I suspect she got something wedged between the wheel and the frame/cover causing the wheel to be held in one place long enough for friction to wear a flat spot on it.

    The suction alone may have been enough to hold the thing in place to cause the situation.

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    I'm sure a genuine replacement from Festool won't cost you more than a few hundred dollars and it's probably designed in a way that only an OEM replacement will fit.

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    Plastic welding should help. Use a soldering iron to displace material to where you need it. Then file it round.

    Alternative is build up with epoxy.


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    Live with the ka-thunk, ka-thunk and smile at the idea of your wife vacuuming the shop.

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    I made up my mind to only use it for tool collection. Saves on bags and the shop vac/cyclone for the floor.

    So I would suggest 80 bucks for a shop vac and save the Festool.

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