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Thread: table saw rumbling

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    If the bearings are bad the arbor is probably toast also. If it is a right tilt saw, Delta uni arbores and bearings fit.

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    I got it!

    After much trial and error, I was able to install the new arbor bracket and worm gear into the saw.

    The new bracket is bulkier than the old one, so the blade is slightly less than 1/8" further left than it used to be.... If I were to set the blade aligned to the splitter, the other side of the bracket would hit the trunnion yoke. So I'll instead adjust the splitter and the insert (or cut a new zero clearance one).

    Also, the the new bracket and worm gear cause the blade in it's lowest position to be slightly above the table top surface, so I will shim each corner to compensate.

    Belts are re-installed, motor tightened in position. Test run successful (and will try a test cut tomorrow when I reinstall the top.

    After all this.... The machine will go up for sale (along with a link to this thread so that someone understands the history).
    - Bob R.
    Collegeville PA (30 minutes west of Philly)

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    I think what you've done is upgrade the saw to parts that can be bought if they ever need replacing. To me that a bonus if I was buying the saw.

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