Hello Everyone..Been reading the forum and it's been very helpful. I am the new owner of a Redsail CM1290.Thank-you for the thread about the U-axis - up and down procedure. That cleared up lots of confusion. Anyway.. I am just starting to setup a project. I need to cut very consistent on printed acrylic sheets.We are having trouble aligning the materials for cutting. We are using the corner of the honey comb table as a reference and aligning it with a registration mark on our acrylic sheets to get consistent cut patterns.Question#1: Is there any way to lock the honey comb table in position? Right now it slides freely on top of the support bars and we have to realign everything after every cut run. How do you align a cutting piece for consistent cutting? Is there a better way? Question#2: What is the focus length for this laser? In the manual they show a piece of red glass/plastic cut to a particular size that is placed under the laser head and then you raise or lower the table to that height. But we did not get this focusing device when we bought the laser (we bought it used). Redsail is sending us a new one. But was wondering -- what is the approx focus height for the CM1290? Also our CM1290 has a red light. Could it be a guide light for focusing?Sorry if these questions are stupid. It's our first laser.Thank-you for any guidance.