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Thread: Help on selection of a laser engraver

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    Help on selection of a laser engraver

    I am planing to purchase a 60 to 100 watt Chinese laser engraver in the next few weeks and would like some recommendations on brand and vendor selection from people
    who have some experience. I have been reading a lot and watching a few videos on the subject. From my studies it appears the the RUIDA controller is desirable and ORION
    and MOPHORN are good brands. I will purchase from someone who has an office in the US.

    Please tell me if you feel any of the above is incorrect. Recommend another brand or a vendor. Any comments or recommendations will be appreciated. THANKS!!!!!
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    Welcome to SMC. You should have a look at the Trotec import. I have not seen it and don't know the price but I understand the software is better than the masses of Chinese built machines. Trotec support would be a big plus for me.
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    Try Rabbit USA, I have 2 Rabbits lasers for over 10 years, they, like any laser they will
    go down, You can get parts in US.

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    My first one came from Automation Technologies and my second one I bought off E bay that had them in stock. I payed about $4000 for the first one shipped it is a 60 watt 12 x 20 bed with just a water pump and fan. It took a week to get it. The second one is a 130 watt with a 36 x 24 bed that came with a CW5000 chiller a rotary and fan for $4500 and it came in 3 days

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    I've had my Rabbit USA laser going on 5 years still on the original 60 watt tube. Haven't had much trouble at all. Ray Scott owns Rabbit USA in Ohio and give excellent support. These machines are built like a truck and priced well below the big 3.
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    Have a look at the Aeon Brand, I have one of their smaller machines a Mira 5 with a 30w RF Tube, their build quality is on another level compared to the other two Chinese CO2 lasers I have. I have just placed an order with the factory for a Nova 10, 100w 1000x700mm machine.
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    Read First

    There are hundreds of threads here concerning this topic. Yours is one of the more difficult decisions you will ever make simply because of the variety of machines available, the cost, your particular needs and the technology involved. Do yourself a favor and invest your time here and research your question. The truth is that nobody can answer this question for you but you can get all of the information you need right here if you spend the time.

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