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Thread: Tenryu vís Freud please

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    Tenryu vís Freud please

    Hello, Iíve been using Tenryu blades for about 3 years. I am wondering if the cost between Freud and Tenryu is worth it? I use them everyday in my shop. Iím going to buy more but want to see what you guys think. Thanks everyone, Terry
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    Brand is less important than comparing similar quality offerings. Freud has several levels of blades...the top levels will likely be comparable to premium brands. What's most important is that the blade is suitable for what you want to do with it from that point. I use a particular brand of blades "exclusively" because I'm happy with the quality, but also because every one of them is exactly the same kerf width...something important to me.

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    I'm with Jim. I have always subscribed to the 'right cutter for the job' approach to blades. This means I have a half a dozen blades in the rack by the saw at any given time. This also gave me a lot of exposure to different blades over time. Like Jim, I am standardized on one supplier and I have blades delivered with the same kerf width.
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    I've never used Tenryu blades, but have owned several Freud. I have always been completely satisfied with Freud blades. I also believe in using the right blade for the right job. However, I do own at least 1 combination blade that works well for crosscutting and most ripping jobs (4/4 stock or less). I think this Freud blade cost around $55 back when I bought it. I don't know how that compares with the price of Tenryu blades. I think there are multiple choices available today. I use the Sawstop combination blade that came with my saw and am completely satisfied with it. It does smooth rips on 3/4" stock and very smooth crosscuts. I have never owned one of the premium blades like Forrest because I always felt that Freud and others gave me the same life and did the same quality work.

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    I also use Freud blades exclusively. I do not buy their low priced blades from the Big Box stores. I have a glue line rip blade and it is excellent for ripping, I also have several 60 tooth crosscut blades (LU73 and LU82) that deliver very smooth finishes on crosscuts. I have an 80 tooth cabinet makers blade (F80 Hyper Finish) that is absolutely super at making cross cuts.
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    Lots of happy owners with both brands, here.

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    Thanks for the info everyone. There is a sale on them in my favorite place to buy from(Hartville Hardware)November 22-23rd so Iím just trying to see what to get blade wise.
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    Jim and others touched on some key points....the right blade parameters for the task are more important than the logo. Plus, both of these manufacturers offer multiple quality levels, so you really need to compare apples to apples. Freud's Fusion blade is pretty comparable to the Tenryu Gold Medal blade....both are excellent blades, and sometimes excellent value. IMHO, Tenryu is definitely worth a try, then you can decide for yourself. I'd also throw Infinity into the mix....some of the best blades I've ever used.
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