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Thread: Elektek Rotary

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    Elektek Rotary

    I just purchased an Elecktek rotary for my laser, a Universal VLS230 30 watt. I have figured out the pins on the lift table that I need to jump to tell the computer that I am using a rotary device but I am not sure how to get power to the rotary tool itself. I suspect the two pins at the top
    of the connector block may
    provide either power or directions of rotation but I don't know which or how to get the other two to my rotary. The rotary itself has a 4 pin connector. The wires going to it are red, yellow, black, and white.
    I would appreciate any help in figuring out how to connect the rotary to my laser.

    Many thanks
    Randy Walker
    P.S. I've been away for a while.Its good to see so many remembered names and so many new ones
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    Welcome back!

    Sorry but I can't help with your question.
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