Got tired of digging through drawers, and shelves, to find the one movie I wanted to watch that
DVD Cabinet, project Post 1.JPG
This sits on a table beside my computer desk...
DVD Cabinet, Project Post 2.JPG
Solid copper handle, and a simple latch...that I can just reach over and use a fingertip to open..
DVD Cabinet, Project Post, inside.JPG
And select a movie to watch....then close the door back up...
DVD Cabinet, Project Post 3.JPG

Lumber is Ash, shelves are poplar, back is 1/4" Luann plywood..
DVD Cabinet PIP, red flash, inside view.JPG
Stain is called Gunstock, followed by a few coats of Amber Shellac.
DVD Cabinet PIP side view.JPG
About 12" wide, 26" tall, and 7" deep, counting the door.