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Thread: delta 31-730 belt/disc sander

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    delta 31-730 belt/disc sander

    I have acquired a 1995 Delta 31-730 sander looking for a paper copy of manual any one out there know where I could get one also with so many types and brands of sanding belts out there which one holds up the best or is it the get what you pay for when it comes to sanding belts?

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    Here is a PDF copy of the parts list and blow up diagram you can print out.

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    I've been using the Klingspor belts with no issues. Just don't buy too many, of any brand/type. The glue line is the weak spot and when the belts get old it seems the glue deteriorates and the belt separates. AFAIK, this is an issue with all brands/types. A year or two isn't an issue, but when they get older than that they are prone to break.

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