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    Old lathe


    I was recently given the lathe in this picture. No make stamped on the lathe and no manual. Anyone have tips on how to use this headstock drive? The pins just lateral to the center go into threaded holes. The drive is 1/2 in diameter...the faceplate screws onto 3/4in coarse threads if that helps. Thanks

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    3/4 x 16 is or was a thread used on smaller lathes. You can buy a chuck for 3/4 - 16. I didn't understand the comment about the "drive" being 1/2 in dia.

    With your current faceplate and the drive dogs, you could turn against a tailstock center. But it will be a bit clumsy for bowls and platters but will work for spindles.

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    Hey Brice,
    I was referring to the drive center being 1/2 in which doesnt seem to be standard for the new stuff. Using those "pins" as dogs is what i was guessing they were for but hated to assume. That alone should help me get to turning. We'll see where it goes from here if i "need" a chuck anytime soon.


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    Hi Shad
    Is the motor mounted back there or do you have to mount it underneath?

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    The motor is mounted to the frame and is oriented as pictured so it can sit flat on the bench if need be.

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