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Thread: Festool domino with Fein dust extractor

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    Festool domino with Fein dust extractor

    So I broke down and bought a domino 500. I get it next week. I got the "emerald edition" (whatever that means).

    I did not buy the dust extractor. I have a fein dust extractor I use with my orbital sander that works nicely. The auto-start with the fein is rated for 6 amps and if I did the math correctly the festool only draws about 3.5, so I am assuming that feature will work.

    Does anyone know about the compatibility of the two hoses? Will I need some sort of adapter? The internets are offering no conclusive answer.

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    Emerald Edition includes an extra accessory and the blue Systainer. It is a commemorative version. Congrats on the new's a great tool!

    The crux is a rubber adapter that slips on and grips the port on the tool. The Vac will work just fine. I forget if that rubber adapter is available separately or not...perhaps someone else can help with that.

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    I use that combination on a regular basis. Fits just fine.

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    Sorry I don’t know about the vac connection but I got the emerald edition just recently. It’s been great on the few little things I’ve tried it on. Comes with all the cutters I think is the emerald “ bonus “ lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnny means View Post
    I use that combination on a regular basis. Fits just fine.
    Did you have to get any extra adapters?

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    I use the Fein vacuum with Festool sanders and the Domino. Get the Dust Right FlexiPort Power Tool Hose Kit add it to the end of the Fein hose. You can screw it directly to the Fein hose without any adapter and use the sliding opening to control suction. It comes with an adapter that fits the Festool dust ports, is more flexible than the Fein hose and adds some length that can come in handy.

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    I just went to Home depot and found what I needed then heated to up with a heat gun. Fits perfect on 1.5 30 ft hose to a great...

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    If you have one of the older models - the ones with the round tops, then it WILL NOT mate to any Festools. The end is rigid plastic and too big in diameter.

    The new vacs that are square have a different hose end , but I'm pretty sure those won't mate up either.

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    Mine works fine without any modifications. But I have the newer model Fein

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    Congrats on the Domino-it's a great joinery machine.
    I have been using a Porter-Cable vacuum for years and use it on the Domino. Since I have been unable to find a good hose adapter to hook up the 2 machines, I have been using the old standby solution:
    Duct tape. Crude but effective.

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    I run my festool stuff off a ridgid vac with a bosch VAC-005 3m hose. It works with all the festool and bosch tools i have

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    +1 on the Bosch hose

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    +2 on the Bosch hose. I use it with a Rigid shop vac dust deputy combination for my sanders and Domino XL. No adapter needed for the domino.

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    On a side note, I have the fein vac hooked up to my mitre saw with the auto on switch. I have a Festool vac and use it with my domino and other items. When the Festool vac comes on automatically, it usually turns on the Fein vac as well. I have not figured out how to correct this, so I normally just switch off the Fein while I am using the Festool.

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    I have a Domino XL and a Fein Turbo II. I believe that the Fein adapter fits without modification. If not, you can get an adapter like this one. I have a few that I keep attached to various small power tools that didn't match right out of the box.

    I think you can find this part cheaper elsewhere online.

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