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    I am going to have some red oak left over from a project I am doing for the person who I get my wood from. One of the things I want to make is some trivets for my wife and mom. Now my question is what type of finish I need to put on it? Since hot pans will be put on them.

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    I use mineral oil for trivets and coasters.

    Scrap Trivet (11).jpg

    These have been in use for years and still look great. You do need to tell folks not to run them through the dishwasher and to give them a wipe of oil every now and again, just like a cutting board.
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    Mineral oil or no finish at all, IMHO.

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    Thanks y'all

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    I use three coats of Arm-R-Seal wiped on. Holds up to all heat and abuse. Just a little wear on corners after 5 years. Originally tested it by placing a hot iron on a sheet of typing paper for a minute and a half on the finished trivet. Paper scorched but finish was unharmed.

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    I make and sell trivets in hardwood carved with a CNC router. I have done extensive testing in my own house using various finishes and hot casserole dishes right out of the oven. I have found that Minwax rattle can polyurethane holds up well. I have had some trivets in service for over three years and I have never had a customer complain. Here is a picture of one design to give you an idea of what I am talking about.

    Click to enlarge.

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    I made some for my wife and beside the heat they had to handle being wet as we land canning jars on them. I used Tung oil cut with Mineral spirits. 4 coats cut as follows:
    Tung Oil MS
    30% 70%
    40% 60%
    60% 40%
    70% 30%
    It takes a while to apply. Allow 5 days between the first 2 coats. The last 2 take about 2-3 weeks between coats. In the end they are quite water and heat proof.

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