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Thread: First-time streamer help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Lehnert View Post
    Looking to get my feet wet with a streaming service but have zero knowledge about them.

    Do not have a smart TV so will need a streaming device. Looking at the basic Roku device.

    What do you recommend?
    I've played around with various "smart tv's" and my experience is that they've been uniformly terrible, being mostly Android based. (Even if I had one, and I do,) I would recommend getting an Amazon Fire TV stick, provided your TV has an available HDMI input. And particularly if you're an Amazon Prime member (most people are.) It's effectively invisible, all you ever see is the remote, and the user interface is decent. It allows access to all the major streaming services, including Apple TV, Netflix, etc.

    Roku is uncomfortably close to being in the business of making their money from advertising. Heh, that's why I first got a DVR, to escape the Head On ads.

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    I have the Amazon on my living room tv. Then I added a roku steaming device in my shop. The Amazon works much better for jump ahead and back. Very irritating when replaying. I should have spent $10 more and got the Amazon product.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ole Anderson View Post
    With the incredibly low prices on smart TV's these days, I would pull the trigger now and skip any device that tries to do what a built in streaming function would do seamlessly. Otherwise you will be playing remote roulette. Stick with a big name like Samsung or LG. But check to make sure the device supports your intended streaming services. I have an older Samsung (in my RV in FL 3 months of the year) that supports Netflix and You Tube but not Amazon, my newer Samsung supports all three plus a bunch of others I have never even heard of, let alone use. Do you have a BluRay player with smart features? I do and use it with my older Samsung to easily view Amazon shows. I have full cable TV at home, so I seldom stream content that is available there or via Comcast on-demand. Another option is that many cable providers now have apps on their box/remote to do exactly what you are trying to do. So at home I can stream through my TV, my BluRay or Comcast (Xfinity).
    Not necessarily true. My recent Samsung doesn't support either YouTube TV or HULU live TV. Thats why I bought one if my two Roku Express devices.

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