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Thread: Parts for an Oliver 159-A lathe????

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    Parts for an Oliver 159-A lathe????


    Are parts for the Oliver Model 159-A wood lathe easy to get? Are replacement parts still being made? Are they expensive?


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    One more question:

    The Oliver Model 159-A wood lathe is very heavy. Something like 500 to 700 pounds. Can this lathe be taken apart to make it easier to transport?


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    Parts - as in castings - are actually available from Eagle Machinery and Repair, the successor to the old Oliver. BUT, they are VERY expensive, so consider them not available. Bearings are standard. The most common problem with these machines is excessive wear to the reeves drive which governs the variable speeds. The low end speed on this lathe isn't all that low, so some folks have replaced the stock motor and reeves with a DC motor and 1-1 pulleys to the headstock (since they were going to replace the 3-phase motor anyway). Other than that, you can still get faceplates, tool rests, etc compatible with the 159.

    While compared to most other old arn, this isn't really very heavy (try bringing home a 2900#, 9.5 ft tall Tannewitz band saw!). But, it does come apart very easily. The basic components are: headstock/motor assembly, tailstock, tool rest and banjo, bed, and two legs.

    Good luck!
    Bill Simmeth
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    If it's 3-phase, conversion to VFD might also be a nice thing to check out. Replace the Reeves drive with a regular pulley and govern speed with the VDF. (Exactly how all the mid- and high-end lathes are provisioned today)

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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