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Thread: Garage sale chuck parts

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    Garage sale chuck parts

    Wandered over to a garage sale on the next street over from me, towards the end of the day and ended seeing a nice keyless drill chuck on a morse taper which I bought since the one I have for putting drills in my tail stock has some issues as well as some feather boards.

    But ended up with a whole bunch of other stuff cheap since it was end of day.

    Here are the spinny things i ended up with:

    It appears that in the box of stuff I picked up was set of Nova Chuck Jaws (I think its the small jaw accessory bundle which would have the Nova JS20N 20mm (3/4'') Jaws, the Nova 6026 Mini Spigot Jaws and the Nova 6006 Mini Cole Jaws (only mini cole are labeled), a live center, a drive spur, A Nova Chuck key, a tool rest and a thickness gauge.

    I have a Jet mini lathe and did a little turning a number of years ago and might get back to it later. I have a Oneway Talon chuck for the Jet Mini lathe with a few different jaw sets. I did not see the actual Nova Chuck at the sale (I think that went with the lathe to the ladies son a couple of years ago as near as I can figure).

    My question is whether is whether it would be good to hang on to these Nova parts and pick up a Nova chuck that uses them whenever I get back to the spinny kind of woodworking, or should I try to find them a new home?


    And here are the non-spinny things I picked up
    Four feather boards, took me a while to figure out the red things were v-groove attachements for sawhorses (actually my wife figured that out). A cheap saw and a set of auger bits that unfortunately had the tangs sawn off of most of the bits.

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    Unless you really need those size chuck jaws, I would say sell them. Not worth keeping without a chuck, especially if you are not an active turner. You will have enough things in your final estate sale without those, LOL.
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