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Thread: Vega model # 24 wood lathe

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    Vega model # 24 wood lathe

    I saw a Craig's list and for an "older Vega model # 24 wood lathe". Is anyone familiar with this model, and is it worth $550? Seller is located near Gate City, VA.

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    I know nothing about that lathe but what Sir Google told me.

    A search will show some comments, for example:

    I found this on another forum, posted in 2008:
    "If it is truly a model 24, and not the 2400, it is a bench-top lathe with a 24" swing, a 1" - 8tpi spindle, a short bed, and no tailstock.
    I have been away from turning these past 2 years, but I understood that model was discontinued. If that's the one, it was available new for between $595 and $695 about 5 years ago, before it went out of production. I looked quite seriously at buying one back then. Probably would have it they offered a tailstock option and small bed extension to accommodate it.

    Another person also said it did not have a tailstock which would limit its use. Also, I read that the lathe was updated at some point to beef it up. The 1" spindle would be a weak point to me.


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    Wonderful guys at Vega, the factory is very near where I grew up. But they build machines like they are being made in a farm shop. Instead of tapping a hole, they weld on a nut. The bearings are heavy duty, but not tapered roller bearings that take more thrust load. Not sure if that is a step pulley or reeves drive machine. Step pulley bowl lathes are a horrible idea. Very seldom will you get the right speed to use or spin the blank without vibration. You can probably get $550 of use out if it, but it's definitely not up to modern lathe standards.

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