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Thread: Mitered return: Glue or Dovetail key or?

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    Mitered return: Glue or Dovetail key or?

    On my mantel project I am planning to do mitered returns on the top (and a lower shelf) to hide the end grain. Drawing below. Given the top is under a foot wide, Can I just glue on the return using a domino or two? Or do I need to just glue the miter end and then use a dovetail key or the like to hold the long part of the return so it can move independently of the rest of the top. Wood is cherry.


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    The safe approach would be to glue it for the front few inches, and use some sliding joint at the rear. Instead of sliding dovetail, Id use construction like a breadboard end: longish tenon with crosspins. The pins go through oval holes in the tenons.

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    glue the front corner and stick a 6 penny finish nail in the back. nail set and a dab of putty. simple and effective. it will allow plenty of movement over 10 inches.

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    +1 for Adam's recommendation, simple and very effective.


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