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Thread: Snow blowers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Niemann View Post
    What's the best chute spray to prevent clogging?

    Move to North Carolina like the rest of them have. Would the last person leaving New Jersey / Pennsylvania please turn the lights off.

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    I have had good luck with silicone as well. I probably have tried some teflon spray but results were about the same.

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    Damn, Steve! I had better stop whining. We got a few centimetres the other day, but nothing like the dump you got.

    Back to the subject: in the coldest part of our winter, I don't need to use anything, as the snow is powdery and throws very easily. However, on those days when thing are wet and almost slushy, without the spray, things clog up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ole Anderson View Post
    I have had Toro paddle style snowblowers for 40 years and never had to spray the plastic chutes.
    I would have made this exact statement - word-for-word - 24 hours ago...

    9 1/2 inches of wet snow with an icy base and the chute plugs every 5 feet or so

    Thanks for the jinx, Ole! (At least I now know how to address it.)

    I guess I'm about 15 miles SE of you. Can you still make the statement after today's snowfall?
    "Don't worry. They couldn't possibly hit us from that dist...."

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    I've got an Ariens 824 that's 30 years old, one rebuild because of a blown engine (28" was too much for the old girl) and it rarely ever clogs. When it does clog it's because I'm blowing pure slush. I don't use anything to coat the chute.

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    Same here as Ole. Just a bit N of Detroit and we got what looked like about 6-7 inches. Good old Toro paddle style made it through without a single clog. I never knew clogging was a problem...never had it happen.

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    The only time I had a clog was when I used my fathers snow blower that was a single stage to blow out his drive and real wet heavy snow.

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    heavy wet snow can get compacted by the auger and thrower before it ever goes up the chute. Even removing the chute won't stop some clogs!
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