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Thread: Outfeed problem with new G0634XP Combination Jointer/Planer

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    If it really bugs you, I wonder if you could have the spare roller turned down enough that you could put some sort of polyurethane or rubber coating on it? A company called Western Roller refurbishes stock feeder rollers and such. I wonder if they'd have any thoughts? Of course if things are working to your satisfaction why mess with it?

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    Curt - Yes, that’s an option I had in mind. The part is backorder and it will probably be months before I see it. In the meantime, it seems to be working well.

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    It’s interesting that Grizzly has moved to all ‘rough finish’ out feed rollers as your post says. I have a 454Z that I bought a couple years ago and it came with a rubber coated outfeed roller. It also came with a sheet of paper indicating that this is a change. I really didn’t know one from the other when I bought it, but the rubber coated outfeed roller works great. I get a crystal clear finish off of it.

  4. I also have the G0634XP. I had read about issues with their outfeed roller in this forum and other forums, so in April I spent over for hours on the phone with a sales rep and tech to be sure that the description online and in the manual was correct. Both the online description and the manual description with parts breakdown, lists a rubber outfeed roller, not the serrated steel roller. However when it arrived, not only were the hike down bolts missing or rolling around in the crate, but there were dents,a scrape and a possible bent leg. And worst of all, a steel serrated outfeed roller. I immediately for on the line with them, and the tech said no they don't come with rubber rollers. Even though the online description I read to him from the website said it did. And the manual which I read to him from the website said it did. And the parts list on the website says it does! And then continued to tell me he would send a jar of paint for the dents and bends and that everything, including the inability to make the tables in line and parallel with each other and that the teeth on the outfeed table were bent, were all within specs. So live with it. I immediately blanket emailed everyone at grizzly I could find the emails for, complaining about this situation that I thought I heard of by spending so much time in the phone before paying $3500 plus shipping. I received a reply withing the hour from corporate telling me they would be sending it the correct rubber outfeed roller. This was back in July. I just received the roller yesterday street having a 755 lb anchor in my workshop for 4 ˝ months. It came tossed in a box without even parchment or oiled paper wrapping it to protect against corrosion... Which is already affecting one end. No protection for it at all. The rubber looks horrible and may be uneven.I will be checking out for consistency this weekend. But they also gave me no directions or instructions whatsoever on how to replace it. The manual only had instructions for increasing and decreasing the depth tension. So yes, definitely do not buy a grizzly anything if this is the level of customer support for a brand new customer that bought a 17" bandsaw, multiple blades, figure sets of board buddies, a bunch of other items and then this jointer planer. Just under $10,000 and hours of the phone making them laugh. Even when calling back in to report the issues I was sure to make them laugh. And still they really don't care about the customer that just spent half their savings on their products in order to start a new segment of their business to try to make some kind of income during 2020. I thought I found a new brand to be loyal to, after the interactions online before that last tech. But now, never grizzly ever again.

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    It is stories like this that make me remember another reason I like to buy machinery used. I like to put my hands on equipment before I buy, at least if there are any issues I should see them before cash changes hands. I go in fully expecting to clean ,adjust and inspect everything before I use it. When you purchase new and still have to go through this kind of work that would be a downer. That said once the kinks are worked out most machines should work well for a long time. Hope that those machines work well for you guys once they are dialed in.

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    Thanks for the thread. I looked at this machine online this morning. I've been texting a guy on craigslist about an old Buss jointer. Looks like it needs a solid tune up which has me on the fence but what Mike Kees mentioned makes sense.

    Perhaps they should have the delivery drivers trained in tune up and installation.

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    It has been 1 year since my outfeed issues. Grizzly’s solution was to cut off the sharp points. It is still knurled but with blunt ends. It is working OK but if I take too big of bite, it slips and if I take a shallow cut, I get knurl marks. I’m sorry to hear they haven’t addressed the issue. I was a loyal customer but no more.

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    Just reached out to Grizzly and received the following reply:

    Dear Rob,

    Thank you for your email dated April 9, 2021.

    We appreciate your question about your Grizzly Order #XXXXXXfor a G0634XP - 12" 5 HP Planer/Jointer with Helical Cutterhead-Polar Bear Series, click the link to view. Click on the following link to view the G0634XP manual. The Reference #206 – Outfeed Roller is currently P0634Z206V2- Outfeed Roller V2.01.20. This is version 2 of the roller and was implemented in January 2020. The version 1 part is steel, while the version 2 part is rubber-coated. All the current machines are shipping with rubber-coated outfeed rollers.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance. You are a valued customer and we look forward to serving your future woodworking and metalworking needs.
    Danny B.

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    Interesting. I wish they would have notified previous owners of the knurled version. I will be replacing my ground down knurled roller with the new rubber coated version. Thanks

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    Griz has a new version of that machine coming any day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert London View Post
    Griz has a new version of that machine coming any day.
    I had no idea. You know, I like the green more than the white. Looks like the only difference between this and the XP is the v-shaped cutter head with 50% more cutters (attractive feature) and comes with a plug. Is it worth the almost $400 premium? Not sure.
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