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Thread: The start of a build

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    Steve, not a dumb suggestion. I have a “kit” from Felder, which consists of an insert for the groove, to which a ply table is added. This creates a table on a table, with the upper table able to increase the distance of the slide. I have not made it up yet because I view it primarily for sheet goods, which I rarely use (also, there is the method described here). Adding a table will reduce blade height, which would affect breaking down the rough sawn timber I begin with.

    Regards from Perth


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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Fish View Post
    Ok maybe a dumb question but would a long crosscut sled work in the slider groove to gain another foot or so of capacity?
    That is a valid method that some folks with short-sliders use to increase wagon-based ripping capacity. But the OP is kinda doing that without the sled if you visualize what he describes.

    Edit...and now I see he addressed that, too.

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    Thanks for the explanation, Iím not familiar with these machines so I find it interesting to see the different methods and the reasoning behind them. Even if itís just ripping some lumber

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    That's an inspirational question. On my traditional TS I use a (one sided) crosscut sled. It is 3/16" thick plywood so it does not take away much depth. But it is only about 24" square and has no clamping capability so ripping on it is limited to short wide pieces. If I make a long sled and configure for clamping or an adjustable fence on it I will be able to do more.

    Thanks for the thread, yours are always enjoyable and educational. BTW yur editor missed a typo back there


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