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Thread: Tips/Tricks/Ideas for Engraving Glass

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    Tips/Tricks/Ideas for Engraving Glass

    Hi all! I am trying my hand at engraving glass ornaments, and getting what I consider to be *okay* results. The engraving is clear and crisp, but I feel like I could be getting a whiter result. Currently my best results have been with a Speedy 400, 80w, 70% black, 50% power, 50% speed. I am using Ordered Dithering. Does anyone have any tips, tricks, or ideas for achieving a whiter engraving?

    Thank you!

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    Yep, sand blast them. Sorry, my engraving on glass is ok at best. Looks good on cheap glass like liquor bottles and dollar general glass, but not always pretty.
    Sand carving looks way better than laser engraving.
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    Definitely agree with John on all those points. You just can’t rely on the laser. I do however love Rayzist laser mask and then sand etch. Flawless results.
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    Try running two or three times. You'll never match sand carving but multiple passes at 333 dpi should give you an acceptable result.
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    Try putting wet newspaper onto the glass and engrave through that, i used to get ok results without the paper but now i get very good white engraving. However nothing beats sandcarving.

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