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Thread: mug cabinet

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    mug cabinet

    I used some old windows I replaced in my house and some leftover poplar from my kitchen cabinet build to make a wall cabinet for my handmade mug collection.

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    Looks good... I like it.
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    An interesting concept! Well done Sir!

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    I like that Gunter. A T&G type cabinet back is so much more interesting than a piece of plywood to my eye. I also like the hardware.

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    You have done well. Thanks for sharing.
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    Gunter, I really like the cabinet you made, old windows, left over material from the house and beautiful hardware, well done indeed.

    I hope you use those wonderful mugs often. I have a few and they are very special to use.

    On a snowy winter day I like to sit in my Morris chair and watch the birds in the feeder while enjoying a mug of Earl Grey tea in one of my mugs.

    As William Morris said "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful".

    Your mugs are both...............Regards, Rod.

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    Not sure what I like better, your collection of hand made mugs or your creative use of an old window to display them. Well done on both. Did you make the mugs or just do a great job of selecting them?

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    Thanks for the compliments.

    No, I don't throw pots. I have a good friend who does and being around his work turned me on to collecting pots I encounter a I travel. I am not one for collecting for its own sake, but I make an exception for things that reflect true artisan skills.

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    In addition to woodworking, I am an aspiring student of pottery, so I am particularly found of this project. I like that you repurposed materials to make something unique and beautiful to display and store some nice hand-thrown mugs. Great project.

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    As a coffee drinker, I love this. I would love to incorporate one of these into my weekend coffee ritual.

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    Very nice, I really like the hardware that you used and the nails.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Pearson View Post
    Very nice, I really like the hardware that you used and the nails.
    All of the screws came from I can't remember where the hinges and handles came from--probably Lee Valley. I had to strip the black oxide finish with muriatic acid then i soaked the hardware in a mixture of salt and h202 to age it.

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