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Thread: CPES to stabilize white pine?

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    CPES to stabilize white pine?

    I'm replacing a set of ~40 yr old white pine barn doors; the bottom foot or so has softened/rotted out. Using woods other than white pine is not a option. I'm wondering if i can improve rot resistance by coating doors with CPES (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealant). Original doors were unfinished except for maybe a couple coats of Thompson's waterseal a long time ago. I'm not looking for miracles, but would CPES have a noticeable effect on lifetime/rot resistance? The doors would not have a finish other than the sealant; I'm thinking of three coats, but can apply more if there's a benefit.

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    The CPES is more for patching rotten wood to get a little more life out of it. I think it would be counterproductive to use it on new wood. You would be better off thinning down a marine grade spar varnish and putting a couple coats of that on before using it in it's normal viscosity. Most people don't finish the bottom edge of a door. Make sure you spackle any voids in the wood or joints. This is especially important in a location directly exposed to water because water will run underneath the bottom and raw wood will soak up the water like a sponge. .

    If you are going to paint instead of a clear finish you could still use the thinned down marine varnish first and then use an exterior enamel over the top.

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    Thank you, John.

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