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Thread: Design Feedback and Suggestions wanted for Mantel with Cabinet Project

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    Design Feedback and Suggestions wanted for Mantel with Cabinet Project

    First off, props to Joel Cervera for his QSWO Mantel/cabinet project posted here a while back. It inspired this project.

    My version will be in Cherry, with simple solid wood panels inset 1/4" from the frames. I am going for the clean lines and simplicity of Shaker Style, without necessarily adhering strictly to all elements of that style. For example, I don't really care for shaker knob pulls, so will do something else.

    I am fairly satisfied with the overall design, but not so much with the cabinet. Current thinking is to have two doors and two drawers in the cabinet (the overview shows an earlier model). I've included images of three variations below. I'm not going to say which is my favorite but I'm not completely satisfied with any of them. I'm not even really sure what bothers me other than a general dissatisfaction with the proportions and "clunkieness"? I've thought of several other variants, but thought I would ask for advice here at this point. I'm seeking advice and suggestions on all aspects.

    This image is to provide context of the room setting and the constraints.


    The overall dimensions of the top are 148" long, by 10 1/2" deep, extending to 17 1/2" deep over the cabinet. The top is 48" from the brick base. The cabinet proper is 36" wide and 15" deep.

    Here's concept one:

    Mantel Detailed.jpg

    Concept two:

    Mantel Detailed Type 2.jpg

    And three:

    Mantel Detailed Type 3.jpg

    Fire away, no holds barred.

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    I think it's too elongated for the height. If the two mantel supports are far from the fire box in order to meet code
    distances for their projection,I would raise the height and and change their design to something that does not echo the
    book cases.

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    I got a another one!! Fire place stuff is often improved by verticality, I would consider making a lattice overmantle.
    Replete with pilasters and panels.

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    I agree with Mel. I think you need more height somewhere. I would say go full height on the bookshelf. It already has a greater frontal projection. Matching the height with the mantel doesn't quite work. Maybe even full height bookshelves on either side of the mantel.

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    Thanks for thoughts and suggestions. I like the idea of a full height case on the right and am sketching some options along those lines. I don't want to go higher on the mantle itself. It's 48" from the base, but the base is another foot or so above floor level so the mantle is already at eye level. And there will be "stuff" displayed on it that will increase the sense of height.

    I do also agree that the columns would look better closer to the fireplace. I could move them closer although it might mean doing some brick work as the columns hide some protruding bricks that support (or appear to) the current mantle. Taking another look at that as well.

    I've fooled around with some sketches of having two cases or cabinets, one left and one right, but haven't found any arrangement of that that appeals to me or the boss.

    Thanks again!

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