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Thread: Glue Gun

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    I fill these from a gallon jug. Holds 12 ounces of glue, takes very little effort to squeeze, less than a buck at Walmart.

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    I can't keep the tip clean so I usually just pour an amount I think I need into a empty yogurt container and dip my brush from there.

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    I do not know how much you want to spend - but you should check out the Pizzi system

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    I got tired of unclogging glue bottles, and now use widemouth plastic jars with a rubber band around them to hold an acid brush. For larger areas, I can just pour it on and spread with a plastic card.

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    I use a gallon jug of Titebond, and pour what I expect to need into a small say 3oz plastic cup. This cup is set inside a counterbored (use a forstner bit) piece of scrap long enough to hold a glue brush with a notch to hold the brush. Yeah, depending on the project and my eye, I might waste an ounce of glue. This little accessory holds all the glue I need for small projects and keeps the brush off my work bench. You can buy the cups HERE:

    I made a larger version for bigger glue ups which holds 5-6 ounces of glue and my trusty notched credit card or a larger brush.

    The basic design looks like this:

    Glue Gup Keeper.jpg


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    Check out the Glue Bot glue dispensers from Fastcap.

    I use them and find that I can be very precise in placing a bead of glue where wanted.


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    I have a stainless steel barbecue pot with a brush in the lid. How about those pneumatic injection guns used for mass innoculations. They do make air powered grease guns. You could put glue into a lever grease gun but cleaning it every time would be a pain.
    I can tell you amalgam packers do not work for wood filler. too small a load and need to much force to use.
    Bill D
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    +1 on the Pizzi...takes the glue application out of the equation

    Quote Originally Posted by John P Clark View Post
    I do not know how much you want to spend - but you should check out the Pizzi system

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    Wow, that Pizzi system is something!
    I was wondering how a battery powered caulking gun might be adapted.
    I'm a mechanic, I see the windshield glass replacement guys use them to spread the urethane sealer. Its thick stuff, would probably be miserable to squeeze out by hand.
    Maybe there are empty/new caulking tubes available or a refillable system?
    I use the cup or paper plate and brush method myself. I'm often gluing Dominos, so I put on a glove and roll them in it.

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