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Thread: Do you have a Sears in your town?

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    We did until yesterday when it closed.
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    They just announced on Friday that ours will close by February - closing sale starting right after Thanksgiving. There's an Ace Hardware in the same shopping center, so it's been a while since I've been in the Sears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Gibbons View Post
    Sears closed down in State College, PA. Thus is the power of Amazon.
    Back in the day, Sears was just Amazon with 1950's tech:
    there was way more stuff in the catalog then ever appeared in the stores.
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    All K-marts have shut down ut we still have 2 Sears left. One at Windward Mall in Kaneohe and the other at Pearlridge Mall in Aiea (overlooking Pearl Harbor). Both been there around the early to late 70's and still popular.

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