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    J tech laser

    Good evening all,
    I'm debating getting a jtech laser to mount onto my cnc. It's a probotix brand cnc.
    It is a 7 watt diode laser (small I know) and only use for it would be engraving wood. Has anyone ever used one before? They are fairly inexpensive. I can be all set up for under 800 bucks which seems pretty cheap. I just want something to play around with, it isn't going to be used day in and day out.
    I appreciate your thoughts

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    The two machines don't belong together. The vibration and dust from the cnc will wreak havoc on the laser. For that same $800 you could always go to ebay and buy a 9,000 watt blue laser...
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    Evan, I have a setup like the one you're contemplating - had it over a year - used it a lot - works very well. I remove it from my machine when doing wood carving.

    Gary, could you point us to the ebay laser you referenced? Thanks.

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    I had a 5 watt blue light laser and its a diode, some vibration will not hurt. But compared to a co2 machine its like watching paint dry.
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