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Thread: Finally my own machine!

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    Finally my own machine!

    Hey there folks!

    I have been using my boss 30w laser engraver for half a year now and a week ago I finally got mine, hooray!
    I would just like to describe differencies between those two machines (both are the same 30w raycus fiber lasers) and suppliers.
    Both machines came from Chineese aliexpress, not sure if you american folks use that as much as we european folks. First machine from unknown supplier came well packed, price around 3000usd, but totally off and not aligned at all. EZCad had no setting right, focus lenght was set by aluminium bar between material and lens! Not smart at all! We spent few hours of chatting with producer, seeking informations and setting the laser by ourselves to make it work properly. Laser worked fine eventually, but it was a huge pain in the hole where it should not be painfull to make it do the job.
    The second one, my own, is totaly different story. I looked for the laser at aliexpress aswell, but my guy was helpfull, patient, answered all my stupid questions. They did everything they promised. Price was 2500usd for the laser alone and it came well packed and with all settings done. I didnt have to set anything. The usb flash drive contained two different ezcad programms for two lenses (200x200 and 110x110) I got, so I didnt need to adjust the laser at all after changing the lens, just to open second ezcad. Foolproof manual with video and pictures how to turn the laser on for first time, how to measure focus lenght not to lens, but to the line on lens base... totally different story! Just unpacked and ready for the job, easy-peezy.
    If some of you guys buy from aliexpress, I totally recommend Jin Zhi Yin Official Store even to fiber laser newbie. They are kind, helpful, patient and the machine works perfectly! As I said they did every single thing they promised - machine was perfectly packed and perfectly adjusted. They speak english pretty good.
    Hope this will help someone who is thinking about getting a fiber laser and would like to join this laser community
    Aliexpress 30W Fiber Laser - seems to work fine I have so many ideas, but so little time to play

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    So what do you plan to make with it? We want to see pics!
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