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Thread: Fiber Laser Rotation device

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    Fiber Laser Rotation device

    I bought a 30w fiber laser machine and I have a problem with the rotation device, I need to know what are the correct parameters to make a vectorized logo on a Yeti glass. The hatch, the angle, the space of the line, I need to know all that. How could you please help me?

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    First of all, welcome to the forum!

    There is no easy answer to these questions...
    That being said, there are a number of factors that go into engraving, they are multiplied when you use a rotary device.
    Hatch, angle, and space, you will need to get a piece of practice material with a similar alloy as the production object you are working on and try different settings until you achieve the one that suits your needs.
    Rotation issues are best worked out with experimenting on whatever is the closest, cheapest, and easiest to obtain in your area. I visit thrift shops for material. I also use cheap "dollar store" tumblers to practice with.

    A few questions for you. What software and are version are you working with? What type of rotary device are you using? What is the problem you are seeing?
    There is a thread just a little below this one that is a wealth of information on rotary setup.

    There is much knowledge to be gained by reading posts on this forum. There are many, many folks here that have posted on these topics that you have mentioned, but "correct" parameters you will need to develop.

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    Do search here or google for Tykma lasers. They have a manual on line that will help. It's for a 20watt, so power should be reduced accordingly.
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