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Thread: Shelves vs cabinets? Pegboard? Other?

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    Pegboard, shelving, or any open access system make it easy for you to see your tools and gear, but cabinets let people...and potential customers...see your workmanship. Another plus for cabinets is that they keep out the dust. I also like that the cabinets can be taken down and moved, in the event that you need to relocate your shop.

    Now, having said that, the birch ply for my cabinets is still sitting in my second shop space while my smaller tools are mostly packed in Rubbermaid and Husky storage containers :/
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    The handiest cabinet I’ve ever had was given to me by my brother. He worked for a bank that was getting rid of their microfilm. Mine is 8 drawers about 20” wide x 24” deep and about 5” high. It’s been perfect for storing nuts, bolts, screws, electrical bits and other small stuff. Cheap plastic electrical boxes fit perfectly between the dividers. If you can find one of these things, grab it! It is now the only closed drawer cabinet I have in my shop.

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