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Thread: Shelves vs cabinets? Pegboard? Other?

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    I like drawers for below waist level and shelves above. I don’t have enough room to use pegboard.

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    When I was in college, got a job cleaning up the wood shop after classes. When finished early, was given the job of making wooden pieces to fit hand tools, so they could obviously be put back in place. These wooden blocks were fastened to plywood, and then painted to match the tool. Even new students could see where to put tools away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glenn bradley View Post
    Things that work and don't work for me:

    Work -
    • Drawers, drawers, drawers; but not too deep
    • Cabinet with doors; but not deeper than about 18"
    • Pegboard; panels, end caps, inside doors
    • Store things near where they are used most

    Don't Work -
    • Deep drawers for small items
    • Deep cabinets; anything past about 18" slips into the Twilight Zone
    • Stacking storage
    • Storing things by category

    Elaboration -

    Shallow drawers hold rows of individual tools

    Attachment 417909 . You can only attach 8 pictures. Let me know if you want more.

    If you're stuck with deep cabinets, build in some pull-outs

    Attachment 417912

    Stacking storage needs a rack to allow any individual box to be pulled without having to unstack everything

    Attachment 417910 . Attachment 417911

    Its not your father's pegboard. Hooks are better, the versatility can't be beat. I use it on panels hanging from cleats, on the end caps of work benches and tool stands. I even used it as the main field for my wall mounted tool cabinet.

    Attachment 417913 Attachment 417915. Attachment 417916Attachment 417914

    I couldn't see your pictures (I'm not a contributor to the site?). However, I think you're talking about the heavy duty metal pegboard?

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    This is good stuff. Keep em coming.

    Btw, at Ervin Somogyi's shop-- it's pegboard, with a sharpie outline of the tool hanging there.

    And nice cabinet making skills!
    Very slick

    These "rules of thumb" are very useful, as I'll be trying to figure out what/where I can place cabinets.
    Also, what to make them out of...I'm a Russian/Finnish plywood snob, but have quite a few sheets of particle/chipboard.

    I'm planning to hang up a bunch of french cleats, a knocked together tool holder with scrap, and maybe some strongly considering ikea, or the local re-use store due to limited time and $$$.

    I'll also be selling off some stuff I don't use much, like my Festool CT36 Hepa

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    OH, and I forgot to add that I don't have humidity control in my shop.

    I'll definitely be having some type of cabinetry/tool chest to avoid my tools rusting.
    Currently, they're sitting in an old sailing chest from the 1800's I got in Sacramento...still has the address to a Mr. Kennedy.

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    I consider cheap cabinets from Ikea but I ended up making my own using inexpensive pre-finished imported birch plywood for about half of what Ikea cabs would have cost,($55 per 4x8). Way more satisfying and they will last. I got the Maple tops from Global Industrial. That's where all my money went.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Lau View Post
    I couldn't see your pictures (I'm not a contributor to the site?). However, I think you're talking about the heavy duty metal pegboard?
    Nope, plain old 1/8" pegboard for the most part. I think it's only like $6 a year to join; I forgot about the picture viewing change.
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    I've been considering doing the same avenue, and maybe making a Paulk style workbench to help speed up things.
    I'll need energy though, to head to the lumberyard.

    Currently trying to organize/rack my large pile of wood (in addition to organizing staff training).


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    Absolutely love my slat wall. It makes finding a tool so easy, and putting it back equally easy. I blow everything down with a leaf blower if it gets dusty, which takes all of 5 minutes. In drawers stuff still gets dusty.


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    OK. My $0.02

    I far prefer slatwall over pegboard. Much cleaner, professional look.

    I'm a big believer in wall cabinets with plastic pull out bins. The problem is that the company that made them for years seems to have stopped making almost all of them. I have a huge supply in multiple closets, and my workshop, but still regret that I can't get new ones. I put the shelves in the cabinets at the appropriate heights to allow stacking of the bins. It's an incredibly organized, space efficient, OCD way I've always organized my workshops.

    I build most components of my workshop with fairly deep drawers. My table saw side table has 24" deep drawers, and the same with my outfeed table. I can easily store many jigs, saws, etc... as well as specialized drawers for router bits, saw blades, push blocks, etc...

    I build my own cabinets. This allows customization, and hones your skills for fine furniture building projects later.

    Clamps I place in a clamp rack, whose design I stole from someone years ago. I can never remember his name, sadly, to give him credit, but it's absurdly space efficient.

    Ceiling mounted air filters are a must for me, as well as more lighting than you ever think you would need. You can't overdo that.

    Anyway, that's a start. Still being tortured by contractor finishing the walls in my shop, so no finished pictures yet.

    Oh, and tons of good advice here.

    Table Saw Side Table.jpg
    Router Table.jpg
    Table Saw with Tables surrounding it.jpg
    Workshop Cabinets around Table Saw.jpg
    Clamp Rack.jpg
    Aaarrghhhhh!!!!! I can't remember the procedure to make the photos not show up rotated.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    I will echo what others have said. Slatwall over pegboard all day long.

    I also like the idea of many very shallow drawers. A drawer for each small hand tool. No room for anything to get buried or lost.

    I am slowly finding the hidden spaces for adding storage cabinets in my shop. Getting ready to build a rolling cabinet to go under my table saw. It is such a tough slog at times to find places for all of the tools that you need once or twice a month though. Next spring I am putting up a new shed so I can turn my old shed into a spray booth.
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    btw, I can only see about 5% of the pictures.

    Is this a new thing? I'm not sure how much membership costs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Lau View Post
    btw, I can only see about 5% of the pictures.

    Is this a new thing? I'm not sure how much membership costs?
    Click on the Donate button up at the top of the page. Contributor status is only $6 for a year and will not only give you access to photos, but also to private messaging and the Classifieds area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Lau View Post
    btw, I can only see about 5% of the pictures.

    Is this a new thing? I'm not sure how much membership costs?

    Minimum donation of $6 per year.....Rod

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Lau View Post
    btw, I can only see about 5% of the pictures.

    Is this a new thing? I'm not sure how much membership costs?
    This was a change earlier this year. "Members" can not see photos that are uploaded into SMC, most of them. The cost for full access, Contributor status, is a whopping $6/year minimum to help keep the doors open:

    I am on the side of hating pegboard. I do use pegs to hang turning tools and other things. I make them by slipping a length of plastic tubing over a deck screw and fastening it into plywood where wanted. Changing is simple but leaves a hole which doesn't bother me a bit. All my shop walls are 1/2" plywood so I put "pegs" everywhere. I'm sure this will assault the sensibilities of those shops are showcases. I'd rather work in mine than polish it.

    This is one "peg board" under construction, plywood on a frame, and mounted for use at the right side of the second photo.

    tool_rack.jpg lathe_PM2_Jan17_IMG_5751.jpg


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