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My thinking is eventually they will get some nail polish or something on the finish which you will need to clean off. An oil finish such as Watco you would pretty much take it down to the wood before you got nail polish off. If the Watco was a type which had a dye in it then the color may be difficult to restore.

Using a finish that is chemical resistant probably the best would be a conversion varnish. It works like lacquer which would need to be sprayed and also I don't believe you can get less than a gallon. Another option would be an oil based polyurethane. It's easy to get and use and if the finish were to dry a few months before a problem occurred you should be able to clean it off with acetone as long as you didn't let the solvent sit and soak.
Edward, after polyurethane dries I don’t think you can remove it with acetone. I’ve always used a polyurethane remover so let me know if I’m wrong.