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Thread: Foot peddle and drill

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    Foot peddle and drill

    If I connect a sewing machine foot peddle control to a corded electric drill (and tie the trigger switch down. Will the foot peddle control the speed of the drill spinning? ( I need to paint a bunch of turned wooden parts and I can clamp the drill to the work bench top ) I figure they would be easier to paint if they would spin 4 or 5 rpm's in the process.

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    If you have a drill with a universal motor (AC/DC) (many corded drills do) then a sewing machine pedal control will probably work. There's a chance the drill may require more current than the pedal is designed for, which would likely damage the pedal, but if it's a small, light duty drill it will probably work.

    It will have very little power at such low speeds; that may not be much of an issue for your use.

    An alternative would be to make yourself a little turntable, like a potters wheel or lazy susan. That lets you spin the object slowly with good control.

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    Thank you. with a keyless chuck it would be easy to mount the pieces by the stem and hold them horizontally for painting. I suppose it is a matter of perspective and mine is probably skewed. I can't paint right when something is upright.Ido much better when the object is on it's side.

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    How about clamping two blocks of wood to the bench with a hole in each. Paint one side then turn by hand. If one block is heavy it won't need a clamp. You can change spindles quickly.

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