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Thread: Shapeoko - XXL - Anybody running one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Lifer View Post
    I respectfully DISAGREE.... the base machine is just mechanical. No wiring, no motors, no controller. Add $1600 min for the nema 23 if you want to stay with Avid. That gets you on up to $5000. Got to get it shipped. And it isn't free shipping. Add mach 3, your router mount and you are at $6000 delivered.
    Way over the Shapeoko (I'm up to about $3k with mine upgraded Z. )
    Hi John,

    With respect to the actual machine travel in x and y, a more realistic comparison to the XXL would be the Avid CNC Router Parts CRP4824. The XXL specs are 33" x 33" actual travel (1089 square inches of area) and the CRP4824 specs are 49.5" x 25.75" actual travel (1272 square inches of area).

    CRP4824 basic machine - $2475 plus $233 shipping
    Qty. 4 Nema 23 (425 oz-in) @ $39.90 each = $160
    Gecko G540 drive - $280
    Mean Well 48V DC power supply - $66
    Warp9 ESS (electronic smooth stepper) - $185
    Power Supply - 12V DC - $10
    Mach3 - $172
    Wiring Harness Parts - Approx. $100
    (all prices include shipping cost)

    Total - $3681

    I should mention that the Centroid Acorn controller with CNC12 software could be substituted for the Mach3/Warp9 ESS combo for essentially the same cost. This would provide a modern day control system vastly superior to the Mach3/Mach4 scenario.

    I have no personal experience with the Shapeoko machines, but I assume they are pretty simple to put together and are "plug & play" as far as the wiring harness connections.
    I have assembled 2 of the CNCRP/Avid machines. They are also pretty simple to assemble, test, and get up and running. Their electronics packages (when purchased from Avid) are "plug & play" as well.

    The XXL weights around 150 lbs. The CRP4824 weight is around 320 lbs. (without the optional leg kit). At over twice the weight, I would expect the CRP4824 to be a more substantial machine.
    The "build your own" scenario using parts individually purchased may (or may not) be a little bit intimidating to some prospective buyers. But I would have to agree with Biff that it is indeed possible to build a potentially more robust machine for approximately the same cost as he came up with.

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