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Thread: Track Saw Setup

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    Technically it's my future fishing boat account, but...priorities, ya know.
    Some good advice I picked up here at SMC few years ago is - "If it flies, floats or fools around, rent it" a former boat owner all I can say is - it's sound advice ..

    I have the Makita cordless track saw & love it. I also have a Festool TS55 EQ & both Festool rails and Makita rails. I haven't used the Festool saw since I picked up the Makita.
    I do use the Festool tracks with the Makita most of the time. I find them just a bit more accurate.
    My granddad always said, :As one door closes, another opens".
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    what are you going to cut on . I now have scrap carpet on hand .On a table in the shop I have a piece of carpet .Perfect for cutting .Set blade just a bit deeper then what your cutting .Carpet is great for sanding on also .holds strange shapes steady for sanding and cutting . I carry carpet scraps in the truck also for jobsight work ,I can toss it on many flat surfaces and have a place to use my track saw .

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