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Thread: Amana Router Bit for Glass Cabinet Doors

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    Amana Router Bit for Glass Cabinet Doors

    Has anyone ever used the Amana 53630 or Amana 53632 router bit for making glass cabinet doors? Amana refers to the bits as "Offset Mortise and Tenon Bits." If I understand how the bits can be used they provide a relatively simple method to make such doors. I would like to hear from any actual user of these router bits.

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    We just run sticking normally and then blow the back side off with a rabbeting bit and slot it for vinyl glass retainer. No need for specific bits
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    We rust use a rabbet bit as well, but the Amana does have the advantage of leaving square inside corners.

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    I do the same as JR and Mark, though TDL doors get to be a pain with all the corners to square up.

    Actually i think it was a post by JR from years ago that got me to do them that way

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    The set you mention cuts out a step, but I also do what others have suggested and simply remove the back side in the glass area after cutting with a regular bit or blade for the glass recess. I then create filler strips that get fastened in with pin nails (so they are removable) after pre-finishing them.

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