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Thread: Dust Collection on Wall?

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    Dust Collection on Wall?

    I purchased a Grizzly G1030Z2P 2 stage dual canister dust collector and it works great.

    But, it takes up scarce floor space.

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to mount it high up on a wall (above machine height) or on a ceiling while still being able to empty the bags?

    Thanks very much,


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    I mounted a 2 hp motor on a platform that is attached to across the corner of my shop. The problem I encountered is the vibration is now substantially louder than before. It vibrates the metal siding on my shop so much more that I have to wear ear protection all the time while it runs. Didn't have to before while it was on it's own platform.

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    You can mount it anywhere you can lift it and provide adequate physically support for the weight. Obviously, considerations also apply to duct/hose implementation. Don't forget, however, that you have to be able empty it and Steve is correct that location can change the sound characteristics, too.

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    The minimum footprint of a cyclone dust collector will always be the dust barrel which needs ready access.
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    I have a Mini Gorilla and it annoyed the hell out of me being mobile. It was always in the way so last summer I decided to mount it on the wall. I eventually want to make some type of lift for the dust bin so it's easier to empty.

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    Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions.

    Great job wall mounting Tim.

    Sounds like this is not a quick or easy job, and there are so many items on the to do list I might have to live with it on it's large mobile base for a while.

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