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Thread: EZCad - only use 8 pens?

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    EZCad - only use 8 pens?

    Running EZCad and I'm trying to make a test pattern that I can use to test material.. but, I only seem to be able to use the first 8 pens/colors.

    So, I draw my block and fill it. Default appears to put put in pen 0, that's fine. But for the first 8 units, I go leave the block selected, then go to the upper right and select one of the colors that correlates to a pen.

    However, there are only 8 selections, though the pan able window above it shows up to 255 available pens (15 with preassigned colors). If I have a test block 'picked' go to the fill tab and select pen 9 (for example), the test block stays black (pen 0) and since the 8 row of colors is only 8 units/pens.. I can't pick color #9 and therefore change the pen..

    a) does this make sense?
    And if so
    B) how do I change this and make it so I can use the additional 240 pens?

    Edit: I did try the little "box of boxes" drop down that's in the menu in the top, of the screen, second bar down and looks like a color filing card set. Still, the images on the screen stay black.

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    to make use of more than 8 colors, use the drop down
    color menu, then pick by RIGHT clicking the color--

    right-clicking brings down an options tab,
    just left-click on "apply to pick object"-- in this
    case I changed the blue to the dark purple #8--
    I started with all blue, there's now 2 blue and 10 other colors.

    double-clicking any of the #16 on up colors opens a color map, use the crosshairs and slider to make any color you want, hit OK, and you have a new color

    -your new colors WILL show up in the hatch fill menu--

    There's one catch, you can't save the new colors as default colors, but they will come back with any saved job...
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    Thank you, I was looking for information on this answer too, it helped

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