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Thread: GO632Z tool rest suggestion

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    GO632Z tool rest suggestion

    Just finished a cherry bowl. Its the first to make it off the lathe bowl. The other two did not make it...3rd times a charm :-). Pleased with the outcome, but looking for a 1" rest with some sort of a curve...j shaped reach an inside spot or two on the next bowl. Any suggestions for a reliable brand? Ideally, $75 max. More may be needed for the purchase. Thanks!

  2. I like and use the Robust inside bowl rest. For deep forms I like the Robust “J” rest. You would have to either call, or go to to see what length post you need for a 16” swing lathe. is another great place to find turning accessories that are quality.
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    Being that I'm still pretty new to turning I would suggest to do a few more bowls first and work on technique. The inside of a bowl is usually more difficult for me because of the limited room. What I try to do is work on making the lightest of cuts. I will say this, I would replace the stock straight tool rest immediately. The cast one vs the Robust ones with a harden steel bar on them (or another brand) will make it much easier to slide your tool. Swapping it out on my Grizzly made me wish I did it on day one. You might be able to get away with using the straight side of a J rest to avoid buying a second one down the road but I always find when I'm learning that adding extra challenges into the mix isn't the best idea.

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    Thanks for the information. After looking at my options and the positive feedback on Robust, that will be my route. Take care

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