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Thread: Milling 25 Year Old Logs

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    If you are saying that you have 10-12 logs from a single tree, you are asking about cutting branches. Branches are never cut for commercial purposes because of the reaction wood mentioned earlier. I'm not saying you won't get some wood to maybe make jewelry boxes, but it will be questionable. Incredibly hard to imagine that if there is bark on those limbs, that there won't be powder post beetles in the sapwood. There will likely be a lot of sapwood with a small core of dark heart wood. Seems like a risky venture to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Blatter View Post
    I would either use it for myself, or make something for my friend. Having something that was made from grandma or great grandma's own tree would likely be more special than just bought wood.

    I have made a number of pieces from trees that have come from family/friends. Indeed, they become more cherished by everyone because of the connection to the source of the wood.

    Unless outrageous $$, I would do it not for the savings, but for the connection/heritage of where the wood came from.

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