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Thread: new Alan batty videos

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    new Alan batty videos

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    You have to be a pretty devoted fan to sit and watch an entire two hour episode of someone using a lathe.

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    I don't have the time to look at them right now, but will. A 3 day work shop with him and Stuart was probably the most interesting one I ever did.

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    I've watched about 17 minutes into the first one, very interesting and informative; I'll continue over the next week or so.

    Thanks for the links.


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    Art time flies whey you are having fun and he is fun to watch but my goodness can he teach!! Well worth the watch. I'm going to save the links and so I can rewatch any time I like!

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    I think this equates nicely to wood turning as well . . . . .

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    Thanks for posting those... they are hard to search otherwise!

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