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Thread: Raycus fiber laser part.

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    Raycus fiber laser part.

    Hi guys.

    My first post so apologies for the ignorance first off. I've been lurking in the background for a few months leading as much as I can from you amazing lot, so thank you.
    2 year c02 laser owner and recently got a 50w raycus laser and all working well (apart from perfecting the rotary engraving!!!!).

    My question to you very knowledgeable guys out there: What are the two metal bars called which attach to the raycus bed via bolts for a permanent X & Y position and where can I find more?? I've used every search term possible but I must be using the wrong names for them.

    I'm attempting to make some jigs up for regular items I engrave and want something precise and fast to align the jigs up, so want the outer set to stay in a permanent position on the edge of the bed while the extra set can be added and taken off closer the the center of the workspace.
    I know the "show contour" red laser is awesome for getting work pretty accurate, but need it as precise as possible.

    Thanks in advance!!
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    First off, I have no idea what your bars are called, or what your bed looks like, sorry

    For me, when it comes to fiber laser alignment aids acrylic and aluminum scraps and double sided tape are my best friends. Right now my ebay2 laser is engraving 18" and 10" long trophy-aluminum plates with logo text, the 18"er requires 2 engraving setups. My 'aid' is simply a 1" wide strip of aluminum taped to the table, so that the bottom of the strip, which I have a guideline placed, represents the top of the plates. For the 10" plate I redlight the plate border itself and align the left edge of the plate, then go. For the long plate there's holes around the perimeter, I have a 'square' of holes grouped, and redlight those, and align the plate's holes to the redlight, then run- at the right side of the first run is the letter "I", which I've outlined with a magenta box (that color is OFF)- I slide the onscreen plate to the left as needed, then redlight the "I", then match the plate to it, then finish the run. I have 10 each of these, and when I'm done, the next parts I need to engrave can use the same taped-down 'aid' and it's guideline for squaring and vertically locating the part, I only need to match the part and engraving horizontally...

    This is all to explain that taping down straight cut scraps as guides is way easier (for me) than nuts, bolts and bars. You have a C02, so it's easy to make nice straight strips out of rowmark or plex scraps, and if you need a corner, just cut an "L" shaped strip. For tape, I use white paper-backed tape rather than the yellow backed killer tape, simply because the yellow stuff is HARD to remove, and the paper backed holds fine.

    If you need a consistent way to park a corner strip, tape two strips of alum or plastic to the sides of your table along the top and left edge, then place your made-to-order L jig against them. Remove the side strips and corner square as needed. Tape them back when needed, the square will always be in the same place...
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