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Thread: Scary Shaper

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    My big one is 235mm diameter and maxes out at 6000rpm, but the smaller one is 165mm and will go up to 7500RPM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Bolton View Post
    I have some 10k rpm panel raisers . Are you saying that in the context of this thread a 10k rpm panel raiser is normal? If that's the case I'm missing something. A lot of small spindle machines wont even hit 10k and at least in my experience to hit 10k inset or Brazed on a panel raiser your talking money. I'm not talking about the time we worked in a shop enjoying someone else's checkbook. I'm talking about your own machine, your own tooling, and your (and your wife and childrens) checkbook lol.
    No, I don't think you're missing anything. Those/these, cutters are 100mm cutters, maybe 115mm. Small by commercial standards.
    I have some Amana groovers, and they're 100mm dia, The Freeborn and Bosch cabinet sets I have are just over 75mm dia. I have a bunch of profile cutters at 55-60mm.dia. The Amana reversible glue joint I have is probably 60-65mm. Theses are all brazed and top out 9K-10Krpm max.
    The panel raisers I have are 115-120mm, and those are definitely not spinning at 10K.I run them at 7K. Generally my machine is set to run at 7K. It only has two speeds, 7K and 10K rpm.
    I think that's about all my shaper, 3HP Delta 43-375, can be expected to handle. Anything bigger, or heavier, is going to have be aluminum.If it's steel, that's a lot of rotating mass, which is going to wear out those light duty spindle bearing prematurely.
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    Mass isn't going to wear out the spindle bearings. Not being in perfect balance will though.

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