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Thread: Guitar build number three...

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    Looks great, Jim! Nice guitar bench, too. So what does the copper foil do? My assumption is shielding but I'm an acoustic guy all the way so very little knowledge on this side of the fence.

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    Yes, RF shielding to make things quieter. Even though the pickups on this particular build are "humbucking" designs, there is always the possibility for injecting noise. Shielding paint or foil tape with conductive adhesive helps deal with that. For instruments with single-coil type pickups (more traditional for Fender designs, for example) shielding is not optional in most cases. I have both the conductive paint and this foil product...this was the first time I tried the foil.

    BTW, I have this instrument reasonably setup at this point with a little more fine tuning (pardon the pun) to go.

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    Gorgeous guitar Jim! Reminds me of a Paul Reed Smith guitar Carlos Santana plays. That should be a joy to play!

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