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Thread: Do I want a laser cutter/engraver?

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    Do I want a laser cutter/engraver?

    I've been dormant for a few years. Wife for 58 years died 2013; just remarried on my birthday.
    Since I'm waking up and have not recovered from my "tool-a-holic" condition I think I would like a moderate priced laser machine.
    Please give recommendations for your choice with a price tag $3000 or less.
    Thank you for all replies.
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    I have a 50 watt blue and white Chinese laser. Was around $1,500.00. You should be able to get a bigger unit.. my point is don’t necessarily discount the Chinese lasers on Amazon and eBay.. I get a lot of use out of mine doing engraving which includes pictures on wood.
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    Have you ANY experience with vector editing software? Or cnc anything ? That will be your biggest learning curve, not so much the machine.

    Consider a 2nd hand purchase where you can see it operating, before buying it. That will help minimise the traps!

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