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Thread: Interesting Old Newspaper Article

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    Interesting Old Newspaper Article

    Today at an estate sale my wife purchased a pair of scissors made in Sheffield, England. In various Google searches for information on Richards of Sheffield a few other links were followed. One of them may be of interest to turners:

    Mr Wood gave up his job as a National Trust forester in 1995 to become a professional woodworker, making traditional bowls and plates from local timber using a foot-powered lathe.

    Just the first bit is about a pole lathe bowl turner in the UK.

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    Yes, very interesting the issue with the early costs of an apprentice is offset here in Canada, where because of the need for skilled tradespeople, is offset by government funding allowing tradesmen to take on apprentices while still maintaining their income base.

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    I think this equates nicely to wood turning as well . . . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Koepke View Post
    ... Just the first bit is about a pole lathe bowl turner in the UK. ...
    I only vaguely knew about Robin Wood's bowl turning, his specialty, but knew him as big in the green wood and spoon carving communities. (Think Spoonfest in UK.) He has started a tool company in Sheffield making spoon carving axes and knives in partnership with his daughter Jo Jo. She, in addition to being one of the top spoon carvers, had (has?) an internship and is now the youngest traditional British Clog carver. Very talented woodworking family.

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