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Thread: Oneida V-3000 - If you have one, help

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    Oneida V-3000 - If you have one, help

    I purchased this DC and put it together today. Does anyone know how and where the power switch is supposed to be mounted? Absolutely nothing about it in the manual or assembly instructions and I don't see any way it can be mounted.


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    It depends on how you mounted it. I have an Oneida and mounted the power switch to a small piece of plywood and then to the stand. It does not make much difference where you mount it if you are using the remote control.

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    Mounting location is up to you. I have mine in the inside of the closet where the collector lives, since I only use the remote for on/off. If you plan to use the manual switches then it needs to be accessible. To mount it, remove the body of the switch enclosure (power off!) from its base, and there are two holes you can use to mount the base to a surface, and then reattach the body of the switch.

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    I mounted my power switch as shown below and placed the remote module up at the motor. The mounting position is not critical, rather what ever works best for your particular installation.

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    I mounted mine to a board along with the vacuum gauge and then attached it to an adjacent wall.

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    Mine is up at about 48" above the floor, screwed the back into a stud. I would not want it inside a closet, if something happens and the remote stops working I'd want access to the stop button.

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    Mounted mine on the wall next to the stand.

    Also, hopefully you didnt buy the filter efficiency gauge or the dust level bin sensor. Check out my threads here on how to build your own for a fraction of the costs: LINK and LINK
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    I mounted mine right on the horizontal brace of the stand.

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    Here is a photo of where mine is located.


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